Homepage image - Input into next Medsin Long Term Development Plan!

Input into next Medsin Long Term Development Plan!

Homepage image - Welcome to our new National Director!

Welcome to our new National Director!

Homepage image - Save the Date - National Conference 2015

Save the Date - National Conference 2015

Homepage image - Save the Date - Medsin Autumn Weekend 2015!

Save the Date - Medsin Autumn Weekend 2015!

Medsin is a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action.

We have over 30 branches in universities across the UK, many nationally run activities and several national working groups alongside collaborating with numerous external partner organisations both nationally and internationally.

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  • Medsin's new leadership!

    Handover day is upon us! The new National Committee now officially takes its place as the next leadership of Medsin. It is a very exciting time for all of us, as we start what has for a while been called “the year ahead”. As soon as we have plans ...read more

    Posted by: Layth Hanbali

  • A forward-thinking Medsin

    What comes to mind when you think “strategy”? Army? Defence? Business? Corporations? Board games? Medsin? Surely not! I think yes. Let me tell you why. There sometimes is, but often there is not, sufficient direction in Medsin. A lot of the time, ...read more

    Posted by: Layth Hanbali

  • Are you a partner organisation who as worked with Medsin? Please feed into our next Development Plan

    Medsin is a registered UK charity whose Vision is "a fair and just world where equity in health is a reality for all." The organisation is run by and for students of all disciplines to work towards this vision through education, advocacy and community action. ...read more

    Posted by: Nathan Cantley

  • Medsin needs YOU- Contribute to our next Long Term Development Plan!

    Medsin has reached an exciting point in its history- 2015 marks Medsin being operational for over 20 years as well as the end of our previous Long Term Development Plan (which you can read here). With reaching these milestones it is time for us to ...read more

    Posted by: Nathan Cantley

  • My first day as Medsin National Director

    Hello!   Today is a very special day. I am now officially “Incoming Medsin National Director”, as the month-long handover of the National Director position gets underway. By the end of this month, I hope to be equipped to live up ...read more

    Posted by: Layth Hanbali

  • What\'s it like to intern at WHO?

    Applications for Internship in the Climate Change Unit at WHO Headquarters in Geneva are currently open! Here we hear from recent intern and Medsin member, Sam Tweed on what it's like to be an intern and why you should apply :) More details on the ...read more

    Posted by: Medsin Aberdeen

  • LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITY! One space up for grabs at the IFMSA conference in Macedonia

    Last minute opportunity! One space has freed up on the delegation to the August Meeting of the IFMSA in Macedonia! There are already 15 other enthusiastic students on the Medsin-UK delegation and we look forward to welcoming the final piece of the ...read more

    Posted by: Abi Deivanayagam

  • What is it like to attend the World Health Assembly?

    What is it like to attend the World Health Assembly? Here, in the first of our blog series on the international opportunites available to members of Medsin, Katy Davis reflects on a whirlwind experience at the WHA. Read on to discover ...read more

    Posted by: Medsin Aberdeen

  • Applications now open for IFMSA Delegations to Regional HIV Conferences!

    Are you passionate about access to treatment for HIV-positive people? Would you like to experience an international meeting on AIDS and promote the voice of students and young people? Fancy being part of an inspirational group of people, speaking up for ...read more

    Posted by: Medsin Aberdeen

  • From inside the occupation...#edinburghunifossilfree

    The last 7 days I have been sitting, dancing, and sleeping inside a university management building at Edinburgh University. After a three year long campaign which revealed the majority of Edinburgh Uni students and staff were in support of fossil fuel ...read more

    Posted by: Eleanor Dow

  • MSF and Innovation

    Innovation is one thing. Innovation when brought into the global health setting is a very different story. A better story. With the potential to influence more lives than previously perceived. Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean new, but it does mean ...read more

    Posted by: Alexandra Oti

  • MSF Scientific Day: Ebola Research from the Field

    Overwhelmed, delayed, limited – these are the words MSF used to describe the Ebola response and this sense has permeated the talks here today at MSF scientific day. The reports are unsurprisingly catastrophic.   Talks started by ...read more

    Posted by: Gemma Bowsher

  • MSF Scientific Day: Multi-disease Epidemics - Lessons from Ebola

    Findings on Infectious Diseases at the MSF scientific day are chastening. Proceedings started with a wake up call from Jeremy Farrar, Oxford Professor of Tropical Medicine and Director of the Wellcome Trust who rightly highlighted the 8 month delay between ...read more

    Posted by: Gemma Bowsher

  • Medsin in May - opportunities abound!

    Would you like to be on the National Committee of Medsin? Perhaps your Medsin branch wants to take on the most exciting task in the network, hosting a national conference? Or you may enjoy facilitating Medsin’s relationships with its extensive network of ...read more

    Posted by: South East Coordinator

  • Achieving the vision of ethical electives

    This is the fourth and final post of a four-part blog series on medical electives, written by Gemma Bowsher, Medsin’s Policy and Advocacy Director. The blogs will be published in the days leading up to Medsin’s general Assembly in April where ...read more

    Posted by: Natasha Matthews

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  • Save the Date - Medsin Autumn Weekend 2015!

    Save the date!   This year, we will be heading South-West for Medsin's Autumn Weekend, held at: Cardiff University, on 7-8th November 2015!   Tickets coming soon - watch this space! medsin.org/maw15   Medsin Cardiff is waiting for ...read more

  • Save the Date - National Conference 2015!

    Save the date!   This year’s National Health Conference will be held in Medsin’s birthplace: The University of Sheffield!   We will also be celebrating the 21st year since Medsin’s conception, with our founder Catherine Steel/Wigs ...read more

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  • 10th October 2015
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    Medsin Exchanges GIANT Training Weekend!

    What are Exchanges? Medsin Exchanges is an IFMSA programme which allow students to conduct a 4 week placement abroad in another country. The exchanges are bilateral so that for every student that is sent abroad, a student should come back to the UK to do an ...read more


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