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Get involved - check out our latest opportunities!

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Get active and join our National Working Groups

Medsin is a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action.

We have over 30 branches in universities across the UK, many nationally run activities and several national working groups alongside collaborating with numerous external partner organisations both nationally and internationally.

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  • Generation Nutrition - Join Action Against Hunger

    Join Action Against Hunger's new campaign Generation Nutrition which urges world leaders to make ending child deaths from acute malnutrition a global priority.  The Sustainable Development Goals are on the horizon - we now have a ...read more

    Posted by: Gemma Bowsher

  • The brand new IFMSA e-newletter has arrived!

    Do you want to hear about Teddy Bear Hospital clinics in Iran?  YES!   Want to know how to support medical students in Guinea and Sierra Leone "KickEbolaOut"?  Of course!    Then you really need to ...read more

    Posted by: Medsin Aberdeen

  • International Opportunities and News!

    Here you'll find all the latest International Opportunities and exciting news from the IFMSA. Read on...   1. Get an article into the inaugral European IFMSA newsletter!    The newsletter is a great way to ...read more

    Posted by: Medsin Aberdeen

  • Put the WORLD back in World Diabetes Day - Blog post by Elizabeth Rowley

    I have been thinking a lot about World Diabetes Day, especially as it is now November, which is known by many of us in the diabetes community as diabetes awareness month. I love that there is a lot going on in terms of social media and general sharing ...read more

    Posted by: Alexandra Oti

  • Health Workers Together Week 1-7 December 2014

    THET is launching Health Workers Together Week, starting on 1st December. It's an opportunity to stand together with health workers around the world and recognise the vital work they do. We want people to help support health workers in developing ...read more

    Posted by: Tim Bekir

  • Healthy cities: addressing the inequalities on our doorsteps

    When we consider the people who face health inequalities across the world, we often neglect those who are closest to home. The concept of health as a human right is just as relevant here in our UK cities as it is in any community afflicted by drought, ...read more

    Posted by: Kate Langley

  • Be the UK\'s student voice for Human Rights

    Are you interested in Human Rights? Do you ever wonder why, despite there being rules protecting them for over 100 years, human rights abuses are increasing every year? Why there are now over 50 million refugees worldwide, with half of these being ...read more

    Posted by: Jamie Scuffell

  • LGBT Health National Working Group - join now!

    Medsin has a proud history of advocacting for the rights of LGBT and other marginalised groups. We recently succeeded in having an LGBT health policy voted in at the Interantional federation of Medical Students General Assembly, and have been published in ...read more

    Posted by: Gemma Bowsher

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  • Global Health Education Operational Team is Recruiting!

    Have you ever wondered about the what, how and why of global health education? For all students interested in the backbone of Medsin - education - our operational team is recruiting now (see projects below). The what and why of GHE Global health is ...read more

  • IFMSA Survey

    Medsin-UK would like to examine the perspective of UK students regarding IFMSA involvement and opportunities at their university/branch.   Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief

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