Charitable Status

In 2006 Medsin-UK became a registered charity (Number 1111824), and since 2010 we have had a Board of Trustees which is separate from the National Committee. This provides many benefits to the Medsin network, but it is important to emphasise that although Medsin-UK is a network, individual branches and activities are NOT themselves registered charities. This has important implications of how we can properly use our registered charity number and status within the network.

Use of the registered charity number

What this means on a practical level is that Medsin member branches or activities cannot say they are a charity, because they are not. 

You cannot say:

"Medsin-Birmingham is a charity, Registered Number 1111824"

However, you can say:

"Medsin-Birmingham is a member of Medsin-UK, Registered Charity Number 1111824"

Use of the logo

In addition, the Medsin-UK logo and name cannot be used without permission of the Medsin-UK Board of Trustees. You may continue to use your branch/project logo, or Medsin (without the "UK") logo as usual. This is very important, because the trustees are legally responsible for any use of the Medsin-UK name.

Where the Medsin-UK name is used, the registered charity number (1111824) must be present. If you have any doubts about the use of the Medsin-UK name, don't use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. SKIP is a UK registered charity, no. 1099804. It goes through the same auditing and accounts process as Medsin-UK. It is an Activity of the Medsin-UK.

Can I use the Medsin charity number to raise funds?

If your branch or activity wants to apply for funding only available to registered charities, this MUST be done in collaboration with the Board of Trustees. If you find some funding and want to apply for it, then you should contact the board as soon as possible (trustees@medsin.org). They will then discuss the feasibility of this with you, taking into account the likelihood of success and the time available amongst the Board to do the necessary work. You would then be responsible for completing most of the paperwork, but the actual application would have to be ultimately signed and submitted by the Board of Trustees. If the application is successful, the money would then have to be paid into the Medsin-UK bank account before being transferred to your branch/activity.

Can I apply for a permit for street collections though Medsin-UK?

Sorry, the Medsin-UK Board of Trustees does not have the time to apply for permits for street collections at present.

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

Medsin's Sponsors:

If you are interested in sponsoring Medsin, please contact info@medsin.org.