Conferences & GAs

Medsin holds two national conferences per year. The first, the National Conference, is held in the autumn. The second, the Global Health Conference, is held in the spring. There are also regional conferences occurring throughout the year, but most often in February. Conferences are a great way to meet like-minded people, hear internationally renowned speakers and get inspired to take Medsin action at a local level. Training is also offered on a variety of subjects which will help to improve the network.

general assemblies

Medsin also holds two general assemblies per year. General Assemblies are an opportunity to shape the direction of Medsin, vote on changes to the way the organisation works, vote in new activities, and in the spring, to elect a new national committee. They also provide a great opportunity for networking with other members and training is provided on a variety of topics. The Spring General Assembly is usually held sometime in April and the Autumn General Assembly takes place during the Medsin Autumn Weekend, in September or October, which is also an opportunity for all the Voting Members (Branch Presidents and Activities Coordinators) to come together to kick-start the year! Whilst the general assemblies are primarily for voting members, anyone is very welcome to come along to find out more about what we do! To see records of previous general assemblies, check out the Meeting Minutes resource area.

ifmsa meetings

Alongside national conferences, Medsin-UK sends a delegation to the twice yearly General Assemblies of the International Federation of Medical Student Associations. For more information about the IFMSA and how to get involved, click here…

past conferences

Below is a list of previous conferences together with their themes. For more information about what went on at them, check out the Conferences resources section.

National Conferences:

2000 – Edinburgh – ‘Globalisation: a challenge to health equality?’

2003 – Cardiff – ‘Health for All in the 21st Century’
2004 – Glasgow – ‘United Kingdom: the power to improve health?’
2005 – Leeds – ‘Global Vision; Local Action'
2006 – Bristol – ‘Health is a Human Right’
2007 – Dundee – ‘Population and Health’
2008 – UCL – ‘Power and Politics in Global Health
2009 – Nottingham – ‘Vulnerability in Health’
2010 – Swansea – ‘MDGs 10 Years On’
2012 – Warwick – 'Maternal & Child Health: Delivering a Better Life'
2013 – Leeds – 'A Healthy Profit'
 – Newcastle – 'Changing Cities' 
2015 - Sheffield - 'The Inequality Revolution'

Global Health Conferences:

2006 – KCL – ‘Poverty and Health in the new Millennium’
2007 – Newcastle – ‘Health as a Human Right’
2008 – Oxford – ‘Evolving Problems & New Perspectives’
2009 – Manchester – ‘Healthy Interventions’
2010 – Newcastle – ‘2050: A Healthy Future?’
2011 – Cambridge – ‘The Mad & the Bad: The diseases nobody talks about’
2012  KCL  ‘Conflicted: The War for Health’
2013  Glasgow  'Migration Changing Medicine'
2014 – Barts – 'Bright Ideas? Innovating for Universal Health Coverage'
 – UCL – 'The Bottom Line'
2016 - Bristol - 'Sustainable Development - Our Roles in the Goals'

interested in hosting?

Medsin Conferences are hosted by branch organising committees, who take on most of the organising of the event, including choosing the theme and designing the programme. It’s a big job, but very rewarding! Keep an eye out for adverts for conference hosts in the newsletter, or get in touch for more information.

We also rely on branches to host the twice yearly General Assemblies. The work involved with these is much lighter (mainly just room bookings and sorting accommodation) as the National Committee take care of the content. If you’d be willing to host a General Assembly and give your branch a boost with a visit from an influx of Medsinners, then please get in touch.

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

Medsin's Sponsors:

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