Governing Documents

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_5LlMS6Op0IU01WT0xCaE5KUncAs a registered charity and a national network, Medsin-UK is governed by its Constitution, Bylaws and Guidance Statements. These are legal documents that lay out the functioning of our organisation. You can download them by clicking on the following links:

Click to download: Medsin-UK Constitution (Last updated October 2014)

Click to download: Medsin-UK Bylaws (Last Updated December 2016)

Click to download: Medsin-UK Policy & Guidance Statements (Last updated December 2015)

Click to download: Medsin-UK Policy Statements organised by year (Last updated April 2015)

Expired Policy Statements

At MAW15 we will also be looking at renewing expired policy statements from previous GAs if the network deems them suitable. Expired policy statements are as follows and can be read in detail in the policy & guidance statements linked above. 

AGA 2009 Water and Sanitation
AGA 2009 NHS
SGA 2010 Medsin Manifesto
SGA 2010 Climate Change
SGA 2010 Drug Access Inequalities
SGA 2010 Pharmaceutical Industry
SGA 2010 Refugees & Asylum Seekers
SGA 2010 Health Education
SGA 2010 Sex & Relationships Education
SGA 2010 Economic Governance
SGA 2010 Robin Hood Tax
SGA 2010 UK Community Health
SGA 2010 Global Health Systems
SGA 2011 Fair Medical Trade
SGA 2011 Mental Health
SGA 2011 Carbon Costing
AGA 2011 Maternal Health
AGA 2011 Non-Communicable Diseases
AGA 2011 Open Access to Research & the Right to Research Coalition
AGA 2011 Global Health Education

Please click here to see a full list of policy statements, expired and current. 

Proposing Changes

Medsin-UK holds General Assemblies twice per year (September and April/May). This is an opportunity for all the Voting Members of the network (comprising Branch Presidents and Activity Coordinators) to come together and debate proposed changes to our governing documents and hence to the functioning of the organisation. Any voting member has the right to propose any change for debate and voting - to discuss any proposed changes, please contact the national committee.

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

Medsin's Sponsors:

If you are interested in sponsoring Medsin, please contact info@medsin.org.