National Committee

Medsin's National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Medsin network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Medsin's Conferences and General Assemblies. Minutes from previous National Committee meetings can be found here, and check out the events calendar for upcoming NC meetings which can be attended by any branch members.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of who to contact, email our secretary (Karthick) on info@medsin.org and she will forward your query to the appropriate person.

national director: cam stocks

Hi! I'm Cam and I am the National Director of Medsin-UK. It's my job to support and facilitate the network as we develop into true a force to be reckoned with in the world of global health! My role has two main parts: I am responsible for coordinating the National Committee and facilitating the development of strategy for the network; and it's also my job to represent Medsin-UK to our many external partners (both nationally and internationally), acting as the official spokesperson. 

Along with our Board of Trustees I oversee the specific responsibilities and obligations of the charity. I'm here to support any activity or work within the network, and am really happy to be contacted about anything within Medsin, to discuss our relationship with externals, or to advise about the charity status of Medsin. Feel free to contact me at any time! This year the National Coordinator role will be a full-time position (alongside some other global health work with Medsin's partners) and I want to be accountable to you, the network. You can always check my calendar here to see what current projects are afoot and how I'm spending my time.

director of branch affairs: christopher mccann


director of international affairs: amelia martin


activities director: nathan post


global health education director: tom stephenson


policy and advocacy director: thomas shanahan


communications director: lucas scherdel


training director: samson williams


secretary: karthick selvakumar


treasurer: irfaan maan


national exchange officers: natasha matthews and atia qaiser


Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

Medsin's Sponsors:

If you are interested in sponsoring Medsin, please contact info@medsin.org.