National Committee

Medsin's National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Medsin network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Medsin's Conferences and General Assemblies. Minutes from previous National Committee meetings can be found here, and check out the events calendar for upcoming NC meetings which can be attended by any branch members.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of who to contact, email our secretary (Matt) on info@medsin.org and he will forward your query to the appropriate person.

National Director: Layth Hanbali (UCL)

Email: director@medsin.org

My name is Layth and I have the honour of being this year's National Director for Medsin. My role involves having an oversight over the network's day-to-day operations, both internally and externally. I work with the amazing National Committee to coordinate our work, represent Medsin externally and make sure that we are stable in governance and financially.

Director of Branch Affairs: Kati Lestak (KCL)

Hi, my name is Kati and I am the Director of Branch Affairs. My job (along with the Regional Co-ordinators) is to oversee all of our 30+ branches acorss the network and see that they are getting what they need to grow and succeed, in order for the network to develop overall. I am incredibly looking forward to meeting and working with all the branches this year. 


Email: branches@medsin.org










Director of International Affairs: Natasha Matthews (Hull-York Medical School)

My name is Natasha and I am the Director of International Affairs. My main responsibility is to maintain the Medsin-UK link with the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA), as well as working to develop links with other international organisations. There are lots of exciting new international opportunities coming up over the next year, so keep an eye out on social media and for our newsletters if you’d like to get involved!

Email: international@medsin.org

Affiliates Coordinator: Alex Peterson (Newcastle)

Every affiliate brings strengths and expertise to our shared network. Together we have a powerful platform and expanded resources. I come from an Affiliates background and was most recently co-president of the Newcastle Branch of Sexpression. My mandate is to build on, review and improve the partnerships between Medsin and Affiliates. I want to faciliate commnication a local andnatinal levels in order to allow for grassroots cooperation and innovation. I know how deeply every member of Medsin and of each Affiliate cares about their work- because I feel the same! I want to connect us to empower us to go further and achieve our shared goals.

Email: affiliates@medsin.org

Global Health Education Director: Julia Marr (UEA)

Email: ghe@medsin.org

Policy and Advocacy Director: Lotte Elton (Newcastle/LSHTM)

Hi! I'm Lotte Elton and I am fortunate to be this year's Policy and Advocacy Director. My job is to oversee all of Medsin's (many!) policy and advocacy activities. This includes assisting in the review and submission of policy to the Medsin network and to the IFMSA; working with Affiliates on their advocacy efforts; providing resources to branches to work on policy and advocacy; and collaborating with external partners on campaigns and policy issues. 

Email:  pad@medsin.org

Communications Director: Emma Pencheon (UCL)

Email: comms@medsin.org

Training Director: Lisa Murphy (Glasgow)

My name is Lisa Murphy and I'm privleged to be this years Training Director. The training division is the 'backbone' of the Medsin network - our dedicated trainers support all aspects Medsin's work by empowering and upskilling members, allowing them to succeed in achieving their goals. My role is to ensure that all of our branches and affiliates have all of their training needs met, and that Medsin is producing and developing high quality trainers. 

Email: training@medsin.org

Secretary: Matt Quinn (Leicester/Imperial)

Hi all! My name's Matt and I'm responsible for keeping the administrative side of Medsin running smoothly - from bugging the National Committee with emails to organising hangouts, I'm your guy. I'm always available for you to ask any questions about the website, email accounts or Medsin in general through my email or info@medsin.org. If I don't know the answer, I can refer you to someone who probably does! I'm also heading up the Agenda Committee this year which helps to keep Medsin's democratic processes in order and is reachable at agendacommittee@medsin.org. Exciting, I know! 

Email:  secretary@medsin.org

Finance Director: You?

This position is currently vacant. Are you interested in being our next Finance Director? Get in touch!

Email: treasurer@medsin.org

National Exchange Officer (Outgoing): Phoebe Sharratt (Barts)

Hi! My name is Phoebe and I'm the national exchange officer for outgoing students. As the national member organisation part of the IFMSA (international federation of medical students associations), Medsin UK runs exchanges for medical students with countries all over the world. These exchanges allow students from the UK to go abroad to practice medicine in a speciality of their choice whilst also experiencing a foreign health system and being absorbed the host countries culture and due to their bilateral nature, students from the host countries are able to come to the UK and have a similar experience. My job is to help organise these exchanges and open new university branches along with my partner national exchange officer, with a focus on the students who are leaving the country. If you're interested in starting up exchanges at your university or just want to know more about the programme feel free to get in touch on the email below. 

Email:  neo.outgoing.uk@gmail.com

National Exchange Officer (Incoming): Jessica Lugsdin (Newcastle) 

Email:  neo.incoming.uk@gmail.com

Research Exchanges: Ben Nuttall (Newcastle)

Email: research@medsin.org

Website Manager: Yuxuan Zhang (St Andrews) 

Email:  webmaster@medsin.org

Regional Coordinators

Email: regional@medsin.org

South-East: Amy Cleese (Southampton)

Hi, I am a third year medical student in Southampton and I am so excited to the South East Regional Coordinator for 2015/16. I am here to support our diverse branches in the South East as they grow and expand and to facliatate the sharing of ideas and oppurtunities between eachother. Please get in touch using the email below if you have any questions or ideas you wish to chat about!


Email: southeastcoordinator@medsin.org

South-West: Laurence Wright (Cardiff)

Hello! I’m Laurence the South-West Regional Coordinator for 2015/16. I’m a Cardiff medical student and medsinner. I’m here to help out branches in the South West so feel free to get in touch using the email below and we can get talking!

Email:  southwestcoordinator@medsin.org

Midlands: Laura Myers (Leicester)

Laura is a medical student at Leicester University, and joined the Regional Coordinator team at Medsin Autumn Weekend 2015.

Email: midlandscoordinator@medsin.org

Northern: Clare Greenwood (Sheffield)

Hi, my name's Clare and I am the Regional Coordinator for the Northern Region. I am passionate about linking up the branches in the North, developing some strong branches and holding some great events, and of course sharing around a bit of Northern pride and soul. 

Email:  northerncoordinator@medsin.org

Scotland & Northern Ireland: Sam Tweed (Aberdeen)

I'm a fourth year medical student at the University of Aberdeen and this year's Regional Coordinator for the Scotland & Northern Ireland Region. Stepping into the role from being Branch President at Medsin Aberdeen, I hope to see our fantastic branches grow and develop this year by learning from one another as well as engaging nationally and internationally.

Email:  SNIcoordinator@medsin.org

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