how to sponsor medsin

As a student organisation we have very little income and rely upon our relationships with other organisations supportive of students, and of global health. We can offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities, and are keen to enter into discussion with you.

In the past year, Medsin has made significant progress in expanding and professionalising our network. With the support of a new, professional Board of Trustees with a broad range of management and global health experience, we have been able to draw up an ambitious, yet realistic three-year development plan. Alongside the new mechanisms we have developed to allow a more goal-orientated and sustainable development of our network, we are looking to generate a more sustainable financial income and management. We hope to do this by drawing up primarily year-long contracts with supporting organisations, which could be reviewed on an annual basis, however we would also be open to considering one-off arrangements.

Sponsorship opportunities encompass a wide range of alternatives, from exclusive sponsorship of Medsin merchandise with both your and our logos to distribute across the country (e.g. T-shirts, mugs and stationary), to advertising space on our website and magazine, and the opportunity to hold a stall, present, and be included in publicity material at our two annual conferences. Sponsorship packages range from £750 to £3000 and encompass advertising space in our magazine and on this website, opportunities at our conferences, and social media support, however individual sponsorship options start from just £100. We would also welcome “in kind” sponsorship opportunities, or any other suggestions you might care to make.

We would be delighted to hear from any organisations consider supporting us as we seek to expand and develop our organisation further. Please get in contact at director@medsin.org / sponsorship@medsin.org

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

Medsin's Sponsors:

If you are interested in sponsoring Medsin, please contact info@medsin.org.