Medsin's Advocacy

Medsin's Advocacy happens throughout the network through different channels. Advocacy is headed up by the Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, on the National Committee. Advocacy is crucial to Medsin's Vision and Mission and achieves change in global health issues. 

Who is involved in Medsin's advocacy?

The Network carry out advocacy on a day-to-day basis.

From the National Committee Advocacy is coordinated by the Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns (PAC).

Local branches have advocacy or campaigns coordinators on their committees.

The policy and advocacy national working group is a group of motivated individuals who facilitate taking network advocacy forwards into larger policy forums ranging from parliament to the world health organisation, other NGOs and beyond  (contact to find out more about joining this team).

Topic specific national working groups and activities campaign on specific issues.


so what advocacy does medsin actually do?


Every week the “Action of the Week” publicises a topical issue and a simple action which can be carried out.

Medsin is an umbrella organisation for many activities who carry out adovcacy and campaigning in their area of expertise (see Activities).

Medsin works alongside other organisation to get the student voice behind their campaigns eg. MSF, Merlin, Keep Our NHS Public etc.

Medsin heads up several National Working Groups on issues such as the NHS, mental health, maternal health and economics to allow a small group of dedicated students to work together for greater impact.



Medsin provide many Advocacy resources and workshops to the International Federation of Medical Students (IFMSA).

Medsin often take new campaigns to the IFMSA where they can be adopted by other countries.

Medsin/IFMSA facilitate collaboration between similar activities and campaigns from different countries to allow joint efforts.

The IFMSA is an excellent platform for medsinners to share their campaign ideas internationally. 

how can you get involved?

Check out the Action of the Week

Get involved with our current campaigns

Join one of our National Working Groups

Check out our range of blogs

Browse through the Advocacy Resources

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