June 2013 archive

Reflections on the 66th World health assembly

It’s now been a few weeks since I came home from the World Health Assembly, and a good time to reflect on the event and what I can learn from it. During the Assembly, after the member states had all spoken on whichever issue is being discussed, NGOs and observers were allowed to more

Posted on Sun, 23 Jun 2013

non-communicable diseases news - gen\'s ncd newsletter - 5th edition

(this blog post was originally written April 14th) --- Dear all, I hope you hard a great week! Time flies by, I can't believe it's been a week. It's been a "hot and cold" week in Montreal, with a big snow fall on Friday, even if we're mid-April. It did temper more

Posted on Thu, 13 Jun 2013

Post-2015 Blog Series Part 5- A true agenda for development or MDG2.0?

This is the 5th Blog in a series outlining the processes leading up to the creation of the post-2015 development agenda due to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations (UN) in 2000. You can read the other blogs in this series by going to more

Posted on Mon, 3 Jun 2013

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