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Posted by Layth Hanbali

Sat, 29 Aug 2015

I am the Medsin National Director - a very exciting privilege. When not doing Medsin, I'm doing Medicine at UCL or cooking. Prior to this year, I have been Regional Coordinator and UCL Branch President. Always feel free to get in touch -

What comes to mind when you think “strategy”?
Army? Defence? Business? Corporations? Board games?

Medsin? Surely not!

I think yes. Let me tell you why.

There sometimes is, but often there is not, sufficient direction in Medsin. A lot of the time, Medsin feels like a group of highly-dedicated, intelligent, passionate individuals, carrying out loosely-connected actions that roughly aim for the same goal. That is not a movement.

Imagine a different Medsin: that same group of highly-dedicated, intelligent, passionate individuals, always carrying out focused actions that are directly relevant to tangible goals, that are set based on Medsin members’ common values in a democratic, proactive way. That is a movement. That is something Medsin can achieve. That is a scenario in which we are much more likely to succeed in producing positive change in society.
If we are in agreement about wanting to achieve that second paragraph as an organisation, then what we need is a strategy.

Enter Medsin’s Long Term Development Plan! There has been one already lasting 2012-15. It’s time to make the next one, 2015-18. A team of Consultation Engineers, picked to represent experience from every part of the network, formed at the beginning of Summer. They produced a framework for the strategy, based on their experiences in Medsin, and using feedback from people who worked on Medsin’s previous strategy and the opinions of 5 Medsin National Directors. We are now framing the LTDP around:

  • Medsin’s Identity
  • Medsin’s Impact
  • Medsin’s Intended Destination

What is left are two steps:

1. Tell us what you think

2. We turn what you tell us into a strategy document

So please, please, please - help us fulfill step 1 and tell us what you think. Without that, we can’t go anywhere. To do that, fill in this survey. It will take only 15 minutes of your time but will help shape Medsin for the next 3 years.

What you can also do is come to a webinar to discuss what you think, by following this link at one of the following times:

  • Monday 31/8 8pm
  • Wednesday 2/9 4pm
  • Wednesday 2/9 7pm
  • Friday 4/9 6pm

Together we can take this strategy to the next level! Any questions send them to:


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