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Posted by Natasha Matthews

Mon, 7 Mar 2016

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This is the first post of a blog series written by delegates to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), March Meeting 2016 (MM16) in Malta. Stay tuned to this blog series to hear about Medsin’s work at the most recent General Assembly (GA)! For more information, email, and join our Medsin International Facebook page!


To start off the blog series, Florence Mutlow reflects on her journey to the GA:

I am writing this, sitting by the pool in sunny, sunny Malta  (jealous?) and I hope to give you a flavour of my journey to the IFMSA March Meeting 2016.

I was vaguely aware of Medsin’s international presence since first attending the Medsin National Conference 2013 in Leeds. My awareness grew with the passing of IFMSA Policy Statement proposed by Medsin: “Prioritising Sugar in the Obesity Epidemic (March 2015)”. The policy was proposed and passed at the IFMSA March Meeting 2015 (MM2015), which was running concurrently to the Medsin Global Health Conference 2015 (GHC15). The UK delegation at MM2015 skyped in to GHC15 to share their success. The excitement was infectious and it highlighted to me how important Medsin’s voice is internationally. After reading more thoroughly into the IFMSA, and in speaking to people who had previously been part of international work, I decided to apply to be part of the UK delegation.

MM2016 has (and continues to be) an invaluable learning experience. It has been a privilege to represent our incredible network on an international platform and sharing in the success of passing important policy that is so valuable to Medsin: “Widening Participation in Medical Education: increasing the number of individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds in medicine” and “Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health”. The delegation was ecstatic with the large amount of support from the rest of the federation. Smiles, hugs and cheers all round!

Advice to people new to Medsin International who want to get involved…

1.You are not too inexperienced. You can easily get clued up if you engage with the rest of the team, listen to the delegation lead and have a passion to make our world a healthier and fairer place. I’d recommend attending a Medsin General Assembly, if you can, as it’s a safe place to get used to policy and governance structures.

2.Engage with the bylaws, candidatures and policy. You can engage by reading the documents, working on new and amended policy and critically appraising the proposals. This means that plenary sessions, in which voting happens, are really exciting and you are fully invested in what is going on.

3.Attend pre-departure training. This is super important as you get to know the rest of the delegation and can work on any proposals Medsin are making. It is really good for troubleshooting and it makes you feel much more comfortable about attending international meetings.

4.Speak to new people. This is such an amazing chance to make new friends, share opportunities and network. Take full advantage and embrace all the amazing cultures you are immersed in.




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