IFMSA March Meeting 2016

Posted by Natasha Matthews

Thu, 10 Mar 2016

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This is the second post of a blog series written by delegates to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), March Meeting 2016 (MM16) in Malta. Stay tuned to this blog series to hear about Medsin’s work at the most recent General Assembly (GA)! For more information, email, and join our Medsin International Facebook page!


Sam Tweed shares his experience of the GA, including being part of the ‘Sessions Team’ (pictured left) for the IFMSA Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH) at the IFMSA March Meeting 2016:

The IFMSA presents amazing opportunities for you as a Medsin member, my only advice is get stuck in!

This was the 2nd General Assembly I’ve been to and this time I got to be part of something called the ‘Sessions Team’ in the Standing Committee on Public Health. This meant I helped to give talks, collect feedback, do fun energisers, lead small group discussions and facilitate the discussions which were going on. There were around 100 people attending the sessions and our focus was on big issues in Public Health including Climate Change, Antibiotic Resistance, Global Epidemics, Health Systems and Access to Healthcare. Bringing the knowledge I’d gained from attending Medsin’s Global Health Conference just over a week before to delegates from around the world was a great experience.

I also worked a lot on policy and together with UAEM ( updated an important policy on Access to Medicines. It’s really important for IFMSA to have a strong position on this, so they can speak out on the issue at events like the World Health Assembly and to organisations like the World Health Organization.

An IFMSA General Assembly is a crazy, fun, inspiring and exhausting experience. It’s possible to make a big difference and speak out on important issues on an international stage. Find out more and get involved, IFMSA is waiting for you! 


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