SGA 2016 Applications Guide

Posted by Matt Quinn

Wed, 16 Mar 2016

Matt is currently National Secretary for Medsin-UK and and an intercalating student in Global Health at Imperial College. Contact him at

At our Spring General Assembly (SGA), our electorate votes on a number of applications for positions and roles to be forfilled to serve the Medsin network for the following year. The deadline for applying for of these positions is 09:00 Saturday 26th March. This blog contains:

1.      How to apply for a role

2.      National theme coordinator role description

3.      Hosting a Medsin Conference

5.      Medsin National Committee role description

6.      Medsin Trustee

7.      Medsin Agenda Committee

Important information - if you are applying for a national committee role, please read this blog first.

Click her to find out more about the Medsin Spring General Assembly 2016 Norwich

1. How to run for a position:

1.     Have a read of the job descriptions. Once you’ve read them all, have a think about which you are most passionate about, and which you feel you could contribute the most to. This does not necessarily mean years of experience within Medsin - just enthusiasm and passion for global health!

 2.     We strongly recommend you get in touch with the person currently in that role to find out more about what the position entails – see for more details

3.     As you’ll see there are various categories of position: you can apply for up to one position in each category, and if there’s more than 1 job you’re passionate about then we’d highly recommend you consider doing this to maximise your chances. During voting if, for example, you are not elected in Category A (if applicable), then your candidature will still stand for Category B. If you are not elected here then your candidature will go on to Category C, and so on.  If you’re unsure of who to contact for more details about a position, please contact

4.     Submit a statement of motivation of up to 500 words outlining your reasons for applying and your relevant past experience via this form by 9am 26th March 2016. You will also be asked to submit an email copy of this submission during the form which can include your formating, but this will only be valid if you have completed the form as well.

5.     Come to the SGA and be ready to make a 2 minute speech and answer 2 minutes of questions in advance of the actual voting! Keep an eye on the next couple of week’s newsletters for more info about the upcoming SGA. We look forward to receiving your statements of motivation!

Important information - If you are applying to be a trustee, please read the trustee application blog here as the process is different that applying for any other position.

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2. National Theme Coordinators:

At our Spring General Assembly, we elect two national coordinated themes to run throughout the year. The first theme will run from the end of SGA until the end of the year, then the second theme will run from January until the next SGA. This year, we are trialling a period where each theme will be incorporated into the GA contained within its time period. If you are interested in this, please contact or apply using this form.

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3. National Conference 2015 and Global Health Conference 2016 Hosts:

Medsin Conferences are usually organised by a local branch. To apply for this, you will need to submit a proposal outlining your idea for the conference, including theme, speakers and possible workshop content, why you wish to hold it and what facilities you have available. 

The National Conference is usually held in November and the Global Health Conference in March

You can view examples of previous conference proposal submission hereFurther guidance is available as per Bylaws Section 7 and the Guidance Statement on Conference Organisation, adopted at AGA 2012.

For more information contact

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4. Medsin National Committee:

Medsin's National Committee comprises students from across the UK who help facilitate the functioning of the network. They are elected annually by the Medsin network at the Spring General Assembly and meet at least four times a year, as well as at Medsin's Conferences and General Assemblies. Minutes from previous National Committee meetings can be found here.

If you would like to get in touch with anyone see below for more information about each individual member and their contact details. If you’re unsure of who to contact, email and we will forward your query to the appropriate person.

Category A

Category B

Category C

Category D

National Committee Role Descriptions

Each member of National Committee have explained their roles below. The specific responsibilities of each member of the National Committee are also laid out in Medsin's bylaws, in section 1.4. Please do have a read of both!

[Category A] National Directors: Layth Hanbali


The National Director is responsible for chairing the committee and ensures the committee are accessible, working towards their shared vision for the year, as well as responding to any of the developments in the network and representing Medsin-UK to external organisations. The National Director is responsible for acting as the main link between the NC and Medsin-UK’s Board of Trustees, attending their quarterly meetings.

The role can be thought of in two parts:

1. The National Committee

Being National Director involves leading, supporting and motivating the National Committee to ensure that the team has a successful year and achieves as much for the Medsin Network as possible. The Committee are vital to ensuring that the network is well supported! It’s generally the rest of the committee that are in contact with the network more than you are so its really important to put time into making sure that the team are happy and functioning!

Along with ensuring that everyone in the team is happy, it’s important that you support the rest of the NC in their roles, ensuring that the workload isn’t too much for any one person and redistribute tasks if necessary. Organising National Committee meetings is your responsibility; there aren’t a ‘traditional’ number of meetings to have – although there is a minimum of 4. The main thing is that you have them when you need them.

2. Externals

One of the biggest parts of the job involves representing Medsin to external organisations such as the British Medical Association, Medact, the People’s Health Movement, the Royal Colleges, the Lancet and the Institute of Global Health, UCL to name a few, and building up Medsin’s name in the global health field.

A view from the current National Director, Layth

As National Director, it is my responsibility to have oversight of the entire network, and everything significant going on. This means I know a lot about the amazing things that our membership does and the fantastic achievements. It's a very empowering thing to see all of that and only serves to increase my belief that Medsin is full of people who will change the world.

There are lots of highlights to choose from, but I will try to keep it brief:1. The launch of the Medsin Alumni network: we've talked about it a lot in Medsin but to finally see it take off is great!2. The keynote speech at National Conference by Medsin's wonderful founder, Catherine Bateman-Steel. When I was lost for words, someone put it perfectly for me: "she created the thing that we are dedicating our lives to".3. Global Health Conference: the organisation started as I began my term and I spoke to the Organising Committee almost weekly through that time, so to see the incredible end result was really heart-warming. It was a beautiful journey and inspiring end result.4. Seeing so many Branches and Affiliates represented at Medsin Autumn Weekend: it illustrated perfectly how engaged our members are.

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[Category B] Director of Branch Affairs: Kati Lestak

The role of DBA  will typically be to maintain contact and support our network of around 30 Medsin Branches in the country.

As the representative from the National Committee communicating with Branches, you will:

- Be responsible for the development of member branches

- Liaise with the National Committee and branches to maximise communication, whilst representing branches views and ideas to the National Committee

- Support member branches to enable them to continue activities of Medsin-UK

- Be responsible for annual reports from Branches, annual evaluations and assessing the needs of Branches in the network

- Encourage local groups to affiliate and participate in Medsin-UK

You will also be primarily responsible for liaising with the 5 Regional Coordinators, supporting them to develop the network within regions, arranging regional training days, conferences and joint advocacy initiatives.

As DBA you may be expected to fill in when the President is busy or unavailable. This could mean attending meetings with externals, overseeing the management of the National Committee, or sharing other tasks and strategy planning.


A view from the current DBA, Kati Lestak

"Let’s get this point straightened out first. Branches are sexy. As in, really sexy. So sexy, in fact, that without them Medsin-UK would cease to exist. Branches are the entirety of the network, and it is my job as Director of Branch Affairs to make sure that: a. they keep running and b. they get everything they need to succeed and, better yet, grow. When you consider that the network has over 30 branches nationwide, this can seem like a pretty big job….and I absolutely love it. Why, you ask?

It means I get to have my hands in absolutely EVERYTHING and, better yet, I get to speak to absolutely EVERYONE. I love looking at the bigger picture, and this is what being DBA is to a tee. I am the one who needs to make the links between what branches are doing on a national level and to find ways of making sure each branch can benefit from the other; so we join and develop as one network. Because, as I do love saying, a network isn’t much good without its branches.  So, as you can imagine, conferences and GAs are my favourite time because this is the time I get to speak to and see all the people behind the names I’ve been emailing/on hangouts with/texting etc. It’s the one time I have to actually hear how branches are getting on and what they’ve been doing-which makes for an incredible weekend. I can hear ideas, concerns, worries, thoughts…everything really. And this is the reason I am counting the days until SGA."

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[Category B] Director of International Affairs: Natasha Matthews

The Director of International Affairs addresses Medsin’s role within the IFMSA, ensuring the network is getting the most out of being a part of IFMSA. Furthermore there are several other international organisations with whom Medsin would like to develop links if time allows – hence there is much scope for development within this role.

The IFMSA side of the DIA’s role are outlined below:

  • Put out the call-outs for applicants to join the Medsin delegation to IFMSA General Assemblies (GAs)
  • Organise and select the delegations for GAs
  • Train the Medsin-UK delegation to each GA
  • Attend the GA and be the Lead of the delegation - attending President sessions, and voting on behalf of Medsin-UK
  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of each GA attended, and feed this back to the network, the National Committee, and the Board of Trustees.
  • Receive all IFMSA emails (and be subscribed to all relevant IFMSA list-servs)
  • Filter the relevant emails to the relevant members of the National Committee and Activity Coordinators
  • Complete the National Member Organisation (NMO) reports
  • Coordinate what IFMSA bylaws/policy statements Medsin-UK wishes to submit/co-sign
  • Input into the NMO list-server
  • Liaise with Medsin and IFMSA Activities to ensure their reports are given on time etc.
  • Ensure Medsin’s membership fees to the IFMSA are paid
  • Ensure GA delegate fees are paid to the GA Organising Committee, and repaid to Medsin-UK by delegates
  • Publicise relevant IFMSA news/opportunities, such as internships or international meetings, to the network
  • Ensure publicity of what the IFMSA does and opportunities reach National, regional and branch level.


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[Category C] Global Health Education Director: Julia Marr

Global health education is a cross-cutting area of work for Activities, Policy and Advocacy, and Training as we improve current opportunities and ensure education is a strong pillar of our organisation’s work.

As Director, you shall coordinate an Operational Team on Global Health Education, composed of people working on toolkits for local branches to organise Global Health Education courses for members, establishing global health on academic curricula, assessing medical school compliance with GMC requirements to teach global health, ensuring pre-elective training on global health, and creating academic health partnerships between UK medical schools and those in low- and middle-income countries.

Communication and promotion of Medsin’s global health education strategies at the branch-level will be a key priority: working with branches to share experiences and advice on how to improve global health education at their university will take place through workshops and further discussion.

You will be responsible for representing the working group and Medsin on a national and international level in the field of global health education, maintain the relevant webpages, and strategically plan Medsin’s work in the area.

A view from our current GHED, Julia Marr:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson MandelaMy name is Julia and I have the honour to be this year’s Global Health Education Director. Education is one of the three pillars of Medsin and is needed to achieve successful change towards a world in which health equity is a reality for all. I have the great pleasure to work with branches from all across the country to find effective education methods to inspire new members and the general public.  I am working with a brilliant operational team and together we are overseeing various projects within the network. The one thing I love and find most challenging at the same time is the great number of educational projects that I can support and help facilitate. It gives me the opportunity to work with many different incredible people from across the network and great external organisations. One of the highlights of this year was delivering training at our two conferences as it is wonderful to see so many like minded people coming together and discussing education on such a high level and being able to facilitate that discussion. I am looking forward to more great discussions at SGA 2016 in Norwich to hopefully bring about further great partnerships for years to come.

One of the highlights for me at SGA will be seeing the new national committee being elected as I can’t wait to find out what great bunch of inspirational people will help shape the network in the upcoming year.  If you are passionate about education and love Medsin you should consider running for Global Health Education Director. It has been one of the most challenging, rewarding and fun experiences and I would not change it for anything.


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[Category C] Policy and Advocacy Director: Lotte Elton

This role has evolved to now leading Medsin-UK’s national advocacy wing and facilitating the organisation’s contribution to health policy-making. You’ll take on the exciting role of coordinating the mainstay of our organisation’s global health advocacy, and will ensure Medsin has a strong political message for its members, politicians, and the wider public.

You will be in charge of creating, developing and making use of Medsin policy, ensuring the network has a strong position on the global health issues we work in. Using this policy for governmental or other consultation responses will allow our voice to be represented in political decision-making.

As the Director leading Medsin-UK’s advocacy wing you will coordinate a Campaigns Team of Activity Coordinators, assistants and also a variety of Regional Campaign Coordinators. This team will communicate regularly to organise campaign actions for the network and establish a smooth-running campaigning network. You will coordinate our range of National Working Groups to ensure that issue specific work runs smoothly and has all the support it requires. 

With the assistance of your Regional Campaigns Coordinators you shall oversee the arrangement of grassroots campaigns training and events, facilitate national campaign actions at a local level, and be kept in touch with all campaigning developments at a Branch level through regular updates.

You will be given the chance also to lead Medsin-UK’s campaigning internationally by attending the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations conferences, at which we infuse advocacy ideas, actions and tactics into the UK delegation’s plans and encourage campaigning with our international partners.

Finally, you will be responsible for ensuring the availability of campaigning training at conferences, General Assemblies, and many other ways including the online Campaigns Toolkit. You will be expected to deliver streams and collaborate with Medsin members to support the development of policy and advocacy capacity throughout the network. 

This role has a real mix of activities and combines high level policy work with grassroots advocacy. You ahve a real opportunity to shape the directin of Medsin and advocate for issues you are passionate about. 

A view from our current PAD, Lotte Elton 

Hi! I'm Lotte, and I'm this year's Policy & Advocacy Director. What I love most about the role is the flexibility and variety - in any given week I will be drafting Medsin's policy statements, liaising with external organisations like St Mungo's Broadway on campaigns, coordinating my Operational Team, planning training on policy and advocacy to deliver at conferences, or working with the International team on the policies that Medsin-UK votes on at IFMSA meetings. I've been fortunate enough to work on a huge range of issues this year, including homelessness and health, the health of LGBT individuals, the COP21 negotiations, gender equality, menstrual hygiene and refugees' entitlement to healthcare. There is a huge range of people to work with and policy issues to consider, and I am always kept on my toes! 

A highlight from this year has been producing resources for the network and delivering training on policy and advocacy. It was really important to me that the Medsin network was kept up-to-date as much as possible on policy issues and that our members felt supported in writing policy statements. A guide on writing policy statements is in the pipeline and should be released next week BUT if you have an issue you're keen for Medsin to have a policy statement on, please do get in touch on! As Policy & Advocacy Director, it's no surprise that my favourite part of Medsin General Assemblies is seeing the discussion generated by proposed policy statements. It's great to see people's hard work being adopted in policy statement form by the Medsin network, and to see how engaged and well-informed our members are about such a wide range of issues. For this reason, I am super excited for Spring General Assembly, and hope to see all of you there!


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[Category C] Affiliates Coordinator: Alex Peterson

The Affiliates Director is the committee representative responsible for liaising and supporting all Medsin Activities in the network. This involves e-mail contact, telephone conversations regularly throughout the year, attending activity events and representing Medsin-UK at these, attending international events including the International Federation of Medical Student Associations conferences if needed, and finally chairing the Activities Board; the representative body of all Activity coordinators which identified best practice, shares ideas and maximises cooperation amongst Medsin-UK Activities.

You will act as a contact point for people wanting to get involved in Affiliates and as a source of support and advice for projects needing help with particular issues. For those that wish to create a new Activity, you will be able to assist and advise through the process.


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[Category C] Communications Director: Yue Guan

In this exciting and expanding role you will be responsible for leading Medsin-UK’s internal and external communications. As Director of Communications you will lead a Communications team, consisting of the Webmaster, magazine editor, blogging editor and further recruits as needed. This team will arrange promotional materials to be created and circulated including posters, leaflets and merchandise to spread our branding and identity around the network. The team will also support local initiatives both offline and online, including local magazines and webpages.

You will work with Medsin-UK’s communications strategy, making use of all communications media, for instance websites, social media and networks, merchandise and further methods. In the area of media you will also work together with Policy and Advocacy Director and Press Officer to manage interactions with the press, including press releases, interviews with journalists and maximising our presence in the UK mass media particularly for campaign actions and events.


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[Category C] Training Director: Lisa Murphy 

Training is the absolute backbone of the Medsin network so this is a crucial role in the team. You will be responsible for coordinating the training offered on a national and regional level and facilitating training to occur at a branch level, by communicating with current Medsin trainers, and training up future ones.

Through organising Training New Trainers (TNT) courses, you will ensure the creation of further recruits and graduates from Medsin-UK’s training system to enhance the personal development, effectiveness and energy of those in the Medsin network. You will need to organise training workshops for the National Conference and Global Health Conference and liaise with the workshop co-coordinators for both of these. Training has expanded significantly in the network over recent years and this an exciting part of Medsin to get involved in!

A view from our current TD, Lisa Murphy:

Being Medsin's Training Director is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Running a project or a campaign is amazingly rewarding, but it doesn't even compare to the feeling of watching others achieve success because of the skills you've been able to give them. The training team is the most energetic and inspiring group of people I'll probably ever to work with - every time I feel overwhelmed or stressed their commitment to empowering others is what gets me through. 


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[Category C] Secretary: Matt Quinn

The Medsin-UK secretary’s role is primarily two-fold: supporting the National Committee in its communications and information-storing, whilst also communicating regularly with the network. Within the National Committee, the Secretary produces the minutes of National Committee meetings and ensures their availability to the network. Storing of meeting reports, documents, archives and correspondence both online and offline is achieved through the work of the Secretary.

The Medsin-UK Secretary meanwhile also maintains good communication across the network, compiling the weekly e-newsletter of updates, news and developments within and outside the Medsin network; and keeping the News & Events section of the website up to date. Updating the Constitution & By-laws of Medsin-UK and arranging invitations to and agendas for General Assembly meetings is also within the Secretary’s remit. Finally, the Secretary supports others on the National Committee to maintain an updated database of Medsin-UK members.

A view from the current Secretary, Matt Quinn: 

One of my favourite parts of the role is having a birdseye view of everything awesome Medsin is doing. From our Policy team beavering away with statements, to the wonderful events our branches are holding there's never a dull moment.  The highlight for me has got to be the Medsin Autumn Weekend. It was both my first time attending and helping to organise a general assembly and it was the most fantastic thing to see individuals from all over the country come together to discuss Global Health and how they wanted to take action on it. 

If anyone has any questions or wants to know more about anything I do, please drop me an email at


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[Category C] Finance Director: Alvin Li 

The role also involves strategic and NGO management, including external fundraising efforts, such as reviewing the fundraising toolkit as well as fundraising strategies. The role aims to support the National Director(s) in achieving external stewardship with sponsors, donors and grantors. What’s exciting about being the Director of Finance is that you are directly involved in the charity's management and strategic planning, and steering the growth and direction of Medsin.

Note from the current position:

Alvin used to be a medical student at King's College London, but left Medicine after pre-clinicals to change the world through global social entrepreneurship, investments and nonprofits. He completed his Finance degree at Cass Business School, and is now completing his Masters in Management at the University of Cambridge


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[Category C] National Exchange Officer - Outgoing: Phoebe Sharrat 

The National Exchange Officers – both the NEO Incoming & the NEO Outgoing - are responsible for administering and developing the scheme in addition to supporting the work of the National Committee.

The two positions open for election – NEO Incoming & NEO Outgoing - are specifically responsible for signing and organising all Medsin UK exchanges within the IFMSA exchange system and as such the elected NEOs are mandated to attend two IFMSA General Assemblies within their term of office.

The position is administratively intensive involving dealing both with medical schools and the NEOs of other IFMSA member organisations, as well as the local exchange officers and committees within the Medsin network. In return, NEOs get to work with a vibrant and enthusiastic network of students who are continually working to professionalise and develop the IFMSA exchange scheme.

The elected NEOs would also be responsible for organising a National Training Weekend to be held in October, which deals with UK programme development and local exchange officer training.

NEOs normally are involved in at least one international IFMSA developmental project that could also necessitate attendance at European Sub Regional Training. The incumbent Medsin NEOs have been heavily involved in pushing forward the academic quality and global health agenda within IFMSA exchanges and as such interested applicants should be interested in doing same.

Applicants interested in the position should note that previous exchange experience is not required. A passion for international medical education, global health and for working with a diverse and active community, along with the desire to serve on Medsin National Committee are the key desired qualities and a thorough handover will be provided by the current NEOs

A view from  our current NEO, Phoebe Sharrat:

My role as National Exchange Officer (NEO) started from my own personal experience of going on exchange. This is experience introduced me to the international federation of medical students associations (IFMSA), opened my mind to more ethical approaches to experiencing and appreciating Global Health and, importantly, helped me to form international friendships with students which will last a lifetime. After my experience I became local exchange officer (LEO) and then progressed to NEO.I love that in my everyday job I get to help organise those experiences which had such an impact on me and I hope will have as much of an impact on UK medical students for years to come.Being a part of the SCOPE (standing committee on professional exchange) team in the IFMSA is absolutely incredible. There is so much support from the regional assistant and rest of the SCOPE international team, including our SCOPE director Omar (soon to be president of the IFMSA). The team are so professional and efficient whilst also being approachable and inclusive. We really are like a big family! If you are interested in getting more involved in the international side of Medsin, whether or not you have experience of exchanges, this is a friendly and helpful environment to ease you into the organisation.

One of my favourite moments as NEO was the exchanges fair at this year's March Meeting in Malta. You are showered in badges, chocolate and presents from every country and will come away looking like a walking human sticker, armed with more pens than you could need in a lifetime. You will meet people from countries you didn't even know existed and dance on the tables with people dressed in traditional clothing. It's an experience which makes you feel so in touch with the world and so excited about all of the experiences you have yet to have.
Not only this, but you also get to be a part of the fabulous Medsin National Committee and attend all of their exciting global health conferences and general assemblies. I find Medsin gatherings incredibly inspiring - all of the hard work that people in the network are doing for causes they are really passionate about is infectious! 
In short, life is too short to not get involved! I would recommend this job to anyone with a passion for global health and a love for our international community.


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Regional Coordinators:

The Medsin network is made up of its Branches at universities across the UK. While all our members come together twice a year, at the National Conference and Global Health Conference, most of the work we carry out is at a much more local level. In order to better support individual Branches, and to share the work that we’re doing, our Branches are grouped into convenient Regions (South East, South West, Midlands, Northern and Scotland – which includes Northern Ireland!). Please see the ‘Our Branches’ section under ‘Get Involved’ for more info on which branches fit into which regions.

The Regional Coordinators are primarily responsible for facilitating good communication between branches. They are welcome to join National Committee meetings and calls, and it is hoped they will be able to attend at least some of these, but also have the option of having an input into the National Committee via the Director of Branch Affairs.

The Medsin network elects an overall Coordinator for each region. However, that person will be free to appoint a regional team to work with (in consultation with the Director of Branch Affairs) if it is deemed appropriate for that region. These positions are perfect if you want to experience national work at a more flexible and leisurely pace – and are an ideal stepping stone to gain more experience before standing for a full NC position next year!

There are five regions, each with their own Regional Coordinator:

The Regional Coordinators can be collectively contacted at:

[Category D] South-East: Amy Cleese

Note from the current position:

I LOVE being sociable and chatting to people and so this role is perfect! I get to talk to people around the region every week to hear about the exciting things they are doing and it doesn’t feel like a job at all.  You end up making friends with and continually being inspired by the people you are working with. Plus it means I manage to get be a part of a variety of different events when it is physically impossible to attend them all. Local level work often has the biggest impact and being a regional coordinator keeps you close to this.


[Category D] South-West: Laurence Wright 

Note from the current position:

I’m Laurence, Medsin’s South West Regional Coordinator for 2014/15 and a 4th year medical student at Cardiff University. This year we have a strong branch in Cardiff which I want to see host a regional weekend to train other branch committees to enable them to run events like the ‘global health short course’. Some branches in the South West have been struggling for a while now and training like this is part of the solution in reinvigorating these branches.


[Category D] Midlands: Laura Myers

A view from our current MRC, Laura: 

The Midlands is a relatively small region at the moment, but with so much potential to grow. I have loved meeting some of the enthusiastic and devoted people who run the branches, who are definitely the reason that Medsin is so great! The events that they have put on this year have been incredibly diverse and inspiring, and it is a privilege to have worked with them for the past 6 months or so. Even though I joined NC late at MAW, I was fully welcomed into the team and have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the network at both the local and national levels.

The highlight of the past year for me has to be the Bristol conference. Their 'engage and change' sessions were incredibly well organised, and they had such engaging and motivating speakers. I also met some brilliant people who had never participated in Medsin events before, and hopefully left feeling as though they were part of the network!

I can't wait for SGA to meet our next fantastic national committee, and to get together with the amazing people who make up our network.


[Category D] Northern: Clare Greenwood 


[Category D] Scotland & Northern Island: Sam Tweed

A view from our current SNI Regional Coordinator, Sam Tweed

I love building up branches, supporting others, showcasing successes, getting SNI members to national meetings and bringing national meetings to SNI. I love being part of inspiring teams, working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. I love that changing the world can start right where you are, that global health is for everyone and that distance can be overcome. I love travel and adventure, having friends across the country and ensuring the voice of SNI is heard loud and clear. That’s why I love being SNI Regional Coordinator!  My biggest highlight of the year was the SNI Regional Conference in Aberdeen, last November. It was such a joy to see members from SNI, national committee, affiliates and external partners join together for some great talks, creative ideas and quality training. I saw so much potential across Scotland & Northern Ireland, with such energy and motivation to act for health equity and how Medsin can help make that possible. You are all heroes in my eyes.  

Medsin General Assemblies are the times when I realise just how huge our network really is! There are over 30 branches across the country, tons of affiliates, 17 positions on national committee, agenda committee and the list goes on. With so many people coming together, with the same vision of health for all, I understand more how we can make that a reality. See you at SGA!"


5. Medsin Trustee:

The Board of Trustees have the highest level of organisational oversight in Medsin-UK. Applicants should be committed to our vision, mission, and have a passion for making a difference. They should have some background knowledge of global health issues. Candidates with financial and legal experience are particularly encouraged to apply. An individual with the skills and experience to serve as treasurer to the board is particularly sought.

Click here to find out more and apply - Important information - applying to be a trustee is different to applying for any other position, so please read this guidance carefully.

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6. Medsin Agenda Committee:

The proposal sets out the vision for a new committee in Medsin which would be responsible for handling the democratic side of things in the run-up to, during and after Medsin General Assemblies. The committee would be responsible for:

  • Putting out calls for motions and for election candidates, receiving those submissions and reviewing them
  • Setting and distributing the General Assembly agenda
  • Acting as returning officers for elections, and advising on proceedings during General Assemblies
  • Updating governing documents after General Assemblies and providing a report on their democratic running

The Agenda Committee would be ideal for people with a particular appetite for ensuring the democratic running of Medsin, and who have an understanding of or would be keen to learn about Medsin's democratic governance.

The positions on the Agenda Committee, according to the proposal that is being submitted, are as follows:

  • 3 unreserved spots (anyone can run for these)
  • 1 reserved spot for Medsin members, that only members who will not be part of the National Committee or the Board of Trustees during 2015/16 can be candidates for
  • 1 reserved spot for National Committee. For this spot, the National Committee for 2015/16 nominates one of its members to serve on the Agenda Committee
  • 1 reserved spot for the Board of Trustees. For this spot, the Board of Trustees nominates one of its members to serve on the Agenda Committee for 2015/16

How will the elections work?

There will be two elections types at SGA, which will take place by single transferable vote:

1) Election of the Medsin member position - This position will be voted on first and is only eligible for people who declare that they are not intending to run for a position on the national committee or trustees over the year of their term.

2) Election of the three unrestricted places - These positions are eligible for any person who is part of Medsin to apply for, no matter what else they do in the network. Anyone who is not successful in the Medsin member election will be automatically be put in to this election.


Following the GA, the National Committee secretary will automatically become the chair of the agenda committee. In addition to this, the trustees and the national committee will nominate one person each to sit on the agenda committee.

If you have any questions, please email

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