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Posted by Natasha Matthews

Mon, 21 Mar 2016

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This is the fourth post of a blog series written by delegates to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), March Meeting 2016 (MM16) in Malta. Stay tuned to this blog series to hear about Medsin’s work at the most recent General Assembly (GA)! For more information, email, and join our Medsin International Facebook page!


Lizzy Morgan discusses her personal highlights of the IFMSA March Meeting 2016: submitting motions, evening socials and meeting fellow students from around the world!

Being brand new to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) was quite daunting, but very exciting. There is a lot of information to take in before you go, but talking to others who have been before is so, so helpful. The actual week of the general assembly was incredibly busy, so in order to sum it up, I thought I would talk through the best three experiences I had (there were many more trust me).

Number 1 - policies, statements and bylaws

In true Medsin style, I found the policies, statements and bylaws extremely exciting. This is because I was able to contribute so heavily in their growth and therefore their impact in the future. For example, changing the “Climate Change and Health” policy statement to Medsin’s recommendations was fantastic, and I felt so happy watching it getting voted through! Watching our own policy statements being voted into the IFMSA was inspirational, especially after appreciating the time and energy our members (Behrouz Nezafat and Claire Nugent) had spent on them.

Number 2 - the socials

The socials during this week were incredible. They ranged from quite dressy during the opening and closing ceremony, to regular nights out. The National Food and Drink Party lived up to its reputation of being educational, messy and hilarious. This is where every country has a little stall and provides food and/or (alcoholic) drinks that they enjoy back home. My favourite night of the week was in fact the cultural show, where every country puts on a performance showcasing part of their culture. Some countries have traditional dances and costumes, some perform very modern songs. The UK had not participated before, but this year we decided to perform a little bit of the Spice Girls, One Direction and Amy Winehouse. Being a Spice Girl was actually amazing and the experience is something I cannot compare anything else in my life to. Everyone loved the performance so much; people were climbing on stage to join in and we even got requested to perform again the following night.

Number 3 - meeting new people

Having so many different people together for a week is definitely interesting. Many cultures have views that are different to what we would take for granted in the UK and the extent of this is something I had not appreciated before. It was so exciting meeting people from all over the world and hearing their accomplishments. I am definitely inspired by a great number of people and will keep in contact with them. As well as this, the opportunity to grow closer to other members of Medsin is fantastic. Every day we would have at least an hour to meet and discuss a wide range of things, which was lovely becoming better friends with everyone.

To wrap up a bit, the week I spent in Malta was very full of so many emotions. So many things happened in such a short amount of time, I had very little sleep and so much fun, it is an intense experience. These are just the top three things, I would have written about many more but obviously I couldn’t make this blog post too long.

Thanks for reading! Any other questions feel free to contact me :)


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