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Medsin has previously under the identity of the Global Health Education Project (GHEP) worked hard to incorporate Global Health within the medical curriculum. Medsin were crucial to the introduction of the requirement for all UK doctors to be able to ‘Discuss from a global perspective the determinants of health and disease and variations in health care delivery and medical practice’ in the 2009 Tomorrows doctors.

All medical schools are now required to provide core teaching in global health and we believe should be providing it in accordance with the global health curriculum outlined in the the Lancet Article, Global health learning outcomes for UK medical students. In addition to this many universities offer very successful student selected components and intercalated BSc’s to learn more about global health for those who feel that the core teaching is just not enough.
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If you feel your medical school is not offering enough teaching check out the medsin global health education toolkit for strategies on how to improve this or contact Natasha, our Global Health Education Director on for support in doing so.
We are always seeking case studies of good practice of teaching global health, in the core curriculum, interdisciplinarily and as SSC's please email them to our Global Health Education Director.


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