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National Working Groups

National Working Groups are teams that work on specific areas of Medsin to deliver projects that enact tangible change within Medsin, and in the wider world. There are opportunities for students of all subjects, universities and backgrounds to get involved. No background knowledge is required! NWGs are a shared learning experience, which aim to capture the enthusiasm, skills and knowledge of individuals from across the country.

There are two types of working groups. Operational NWGs work to make the network function effectively and have as great an impact as we can. Topic-Specific NWGs focus on various areas of global health, advocating on specific issues.

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Operational NWGs

The groups are organised online with discussions taking place via Google Groups and Skype calls - don't worry if you've never used these before, you'll soon be up to speed. There are often in-person meetings at conferences and GAs, though these are very much optional.


Producing the Medsin Magazine, blogs, merchandise, and branch resources

Diversifying Medsin

Actively recruiting members from a wide disciplinary base

Finance & Fundraising

Fundraising through grants and sponsorship, supporting local fundraising

Global Health Education

Advocating global health curricula change, promoting ethical electives, producing GHE resources

Policy & Advocacy

Developing advocacy resources, leading national campaigns

Topic-Specific NWGs

We have a range of NWGs on different areas of global and public health. These groups enable like-minded individuals to come together, explore different angles of the debates, develop expertise and launch strategic campaigns. Email to get involved.

This is your network and we aim to be educating, advocating and acting in the areas which YOU feel passionate about and where YOU want to see change.

Ethical Procurement for Health

Global Surgery

Maternal & Child Health

National Health Service

Neglected Tropical Diseases


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