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  • Migration Changing Medicine: Sheffield at the GHC 2013

    Last weekend a dozen a dozen Sheffield students headed north to Glasgow for the Global Health Conference 2013: Migration Changing Medicine.  Braving the M1 rush hour, we slogged out the ...read more

  • Delivering a Better Future

      One of the most fascinating things about global health is its enormous variety: from economics to ethics and trade to trauma.  In Sheffield we’re determined that Medsin is ...read more

  • Sheffield's Weekend Away!

      In early November, braving the freezing fog and forecast of perpetual rain, Sheffield Medsin took its committee and members to a place it had never been before (both figuratively and ...read more

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  • Medsin needs YOU- Contribute to our next Long Term Development Plan!

    Medsin has reached an exciting point in its history- 2015 marks Medsin being operational for over 20 years as well as the end of our previous Long Term Development Plan (which you can read here). With reaching these milestones it is time for us to ...read more

    Posted by: Nathan Cantley

  • Medsin's International Exchange Program

    *New National Exchanges Team Callout*   Do you want the opportunity to spend a month doing medicine in another country? Want to give this opportunity to other students in the UK and those in other countries? The Medsin National Exchanges Team is ...read more

    Posted by: Jess Lugsdin

  • Day 1 of the IFMSA European regional meeting 2015

    The standing committee sessions on the first day of EuRegMe have been keeping us all busy from the Medsin UK delegation. In the Presidents' session, Layth and Felicia have been discussing the 3 European coordinated advocacy themes; Trans-Atlantic Trade & ...read more

    Posted by: Elizabeth Thomas

Northern regional coordinator - Jessica Overton

Hello there, I'm Jess, a 4th year medical student at Liverpool and the regional coordinator for the North in 2014/2015.

Our branches include Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, York, Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster. As you can see we're a very active region and each of our branches are unique with some being larger and more established than others. I hope we can use this to our advantage and my aim is to bring together the North for some regional training where branches will benefit from sharing this wealth of experience.

I'm here to help support branches in any way that I can so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in finding out more about the region please contact me at northerncoordinator@medsin.org

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

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