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  • Migration Changing Medicine: Sheffield at the GHC 2013

    Last weekend a dozen a dozen Sheffield students headed north to Glasgow for the Global Health Conference 2013: Migration Changing Medicine.  Braving the M1 rush hour, we slogged out the ...read more

  • Delivering a Better Future

      One of the most fascinating things about global health is its enormous variety: from economics to ethics and trade to trauma.  In Sheffield we’re determined that Medsin is ...read more

  • Sheffield's Weekend Away!

      In early November, braving the freezing fog and forecast of perpetual rain, Sheffield Medsin took its committee and members to a place it had never been before (both figuratively and ...read more

Northern Events

  • Register your place at Medsin Autumn Weekend 2014!

    18th October 2014
    at 10:00

    Nottingham University Medical School

    It has come around to that time of year again- our first General Assembly of the academic year- the Medsin Autumn Weekend!  The General Assemblies for the network take ...read more

Northern Blogs

  • The power of youth

      “Be enthusiastic, positive, and offer solutions” This message from Maria Neira, Director of Public Health and the Environment Department from the WHO, sticks with me. It’s the end of the Youth pre-World Health Assembly in ...read more

    Posted by: Abi Deivanayagam

  • Branch of the Week: Sheffield's Weekend Away in the Peak District!

    Medsin’s weekend away (in the Peak District!) Medsin’s second annual weekend away was a delightfully sunny, informative and thought-provoking couple of days. Based in a little bunkhouse in Bamford, we ran a varied mix of workshops and ...read more

    Posted by: Felicia Yeung

  • Regional Coordinators... Who are they again?

    Whilst most medsin members will know about how Branches, Activities and National Working Groups can work on a local and national level, can the same be said about Regions? Here is a brief round up of what regions are, the potential that they hold and what ...read more

    Posted by: Nathan Cantley

Northern regional coordinator - Laura Shepherd

Hi, my name's Laura and I'm the northern regional co-ordinator.

Following a splendid 2012, World AIDS day being a memorable time, events varied from condom distribution and human ribbons to bake sales and money-raising fun, we've got an exciting year coming up in the northern region...Hello 2013!!

Many branches in the region will be showing the 'They go to die' documentary in collaboration with RESULTS. Furthermore the great Global Health Conference in Glasgow will be drawing all of us from far and wide to learn about migration, its causes and effects on health. Not only that, but the northern region will be collaborating together in order to improve communication between branches and brain-storming ideas for global health activity in the north. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the region please contact me at northerncoordinator@medsin.org

Please fill out the following form to contact us or email info@medsin.org.

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