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Lancaster Medsin aims to raise awareness of Local and Global health issues and have fun doing it. Our strong new committee are ready to get to make 2013 the best ever yet. We have a lot of exciting ideas and projects planned so watch this space!

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Lancaster Medsin wants to bring issues of local and global inequalities to the forefront.  This is achieved through  activities such as Teddy Bear clinic,Marrow,HPA  and sexpressions . We also organise a number of  charity and fundraising events throughout the year. This year we are planning on creating even greater awareness than before through activities such as ballroom dancing and university challenge style quizzes.

We need people like you to help eradicate health inequalities once and for all. If interested get in touch by going to our facebook page or email us directly at


Lancaster Committee

Secretary: Portia Adu

Secretary: Dami Arewa

President : Ranjit Bains

Publicity Officer (media): Caleigh Blake

Publicity Officer(Physical): Heather Dixon

Treasurer: Ammar Hussain

Sub committee lead (Marrow): Kathryn Mitchell

Sub committee lead (HPA): Chinukwe Shula

Sub committee lead (stop AIDS): Kathryn Andrews

Sub committee lead (TBH): Shannon Gilmore

Sub committee lead (TBH): Alice Armstrong

Sub committee lead (sexpressions): Joe Heath

Sub committee lead (sexpressions): Megan Acres

Events coordinator: Emma Smith

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