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Medsin QUB is the sole Irish branch of the larger non-profit organisation we know as Medsin. We are located in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and together with other branches in the region, we work to strive against health inequalities both locally and globally. Besides that, we work alongside a number of education projects across the university and also the wider community to help engage with the student community. Medsin QUB has been operating for over half a decade and we are growing from year to year. As we deal with awareness programmes and educating the community with health and social issues, we recruite a strong committee in order to not just merely achieve the written objectives we have set out to do, but to create a solid difference of intrinsic value.

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  • Should we be celebrating or commiserating the high level agreements of the UN from 2015?

    2015 has been a big year for international development- well... depending on who you ask. 12 months ago in December 2014, a lot of the papers and pundits in intl dev were looking ahead to the big year of 2015 and the many high level discussions that were to ...read more

    Posted by: Nathan Cantley

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Evening

    World HIV/AIDS Day, the 1st of December, is a great opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for issues surrounding social stigmatisation of the condition in Belfast. According to the charity Positive Life, Northern Ireland has the fast growing rate of ...read more

    Posted by: Selina Roy

  • The Regulation of the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

    We're excited to announce that our first official educational event for the academic year was a success! We held an informative and entertaining talk about the regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry, which was kindly written and delivered by ...read more

    Posted by: Selina Roy


Medsin QUB is proud to form partnerships with other societies within the university as well as the community in which we work together to achieve the common objectives that we share. Together, we can create a more effective approach to organising events and promoting awareness within the students and the community. The societies that we are working with are :


HIVE (HIV in Education)


These societies have been great in supporting us in some of our events and we are truly thankful for this. We hope to continue these partnerships over the coming year and possibly form more ties with other like-minded societies. 



Here at Medsin QUB, we support a number of national campaigns. One of our latest campaign that we have been given focus to this year is Pharmaware. 

Pharmaware is one of Medsin’s National Campaigns and one that has been adopted across several UK universities.

The Pharamceutical industry, although essential to medicine, is one clouded with controversy due to dodgy claims and sometimes making it difficult to see the true benefits of a drug. Pharmaware is a campaign to try to debug some of the myths that the industry portrays and to help increase awareness on the tricks they can use.

Pharmaware is also a powerful advocacy tool that can be used to help change policy and to help to make things fairer for those that may not have a strong a voice.


Medsin QUB organises events each year in order to educate the society and promote awareness within the community concerning both local and global issues. Among some of the events that we organise are the Spread the Word workshops and the Global Health Short Course. 

Spread the Word Workshop: 

This is abrand new event we are starting this year. Members who join these workshops- held throughout the year are taught and given tools to be their own advocates and empower others once they have gained information from these workshops. Hence, by attending subsequent events and being volunteers they can go and "spread the word" about what they have learnt furing the inital workshop to other people they know. Thus, continuing the advocacy cycle and empowering more people to our cause. 
Among some of the workshops that we will be organising this year are regarding : 
Maternal Health
Communicable disease 
World Health Day

Global Health Short Course : 

This event is about listening to people's experience in dealing with health inequalities and allow a greater sense of awareness as well as empathy towards the 'victims' of health discrimination and unfairness. We had 4 sessions last year and were able to increase the awareness of global issues for over 120 different students. The topics of our sessions varied widely from HIV awareness held by our good friends at HIVE, to Human Traffiking held by the hugely successful yet very new 'No More Traffik QUB' society and finally ending with the launch of our new campaign Pharmaware. We were able to ask a number of speakers to come and give presentations including a hugely emotive and informative talk given by a man living with the reality of HIV and a local MLA who was able to give insight into what politicians are doing to reduce Human Traffiking. Our current Vice-president, David Carroll, gave a great short talk on some of the myths of the pharmaceutical industry on our final night and we hope that this will be something we can build on in the next 12 months. 


QUB (Belfast) Committee

President: Selina Roy

Secretary: Beth Malcomson

Treasurer: Jessica Chen

Webmaster: Nicolas Kong

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