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We are a group of students at St Andrews who are passionate about global health issues. We are active within the medical school but also work throughout the university. Thing we do include running speaker events, putting on film screenings, and fundraising for various charities.

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    Medsin St Andrews update part 1 This semester Medsin St Andrews has been covering the 8 Millennium Development Goals set by the UN in 2000, which aimed to help eradicate poverty by 2015. Our aim is to educate St Andrews on how far the world has come more

    Posted by: Elizabeth Thomas

  • New Year, New Plans

    After a very long Christmas holiday (Five whole weeks! Not that we're complaining) and a hectic first fortnight back, Medsin St Andrews has been planning all sorts of exciting events for the new semester. In Medsin's spirit of fostering interest in more

    Posted by: Bethan England

We function by focusing on three of Medsin's goals: educate, advocate, and act. We educate by holding various events that bring light to global health issues. We have held talk series', film screenings, and guest speakers about issues such as female genital mutilation, HIV, and torture. 


St Andrews Committee

President: Yuxuan Zhang

Vice President: Katie Burns

Secretary: Tom Liney

Treasurer: Tara Chalmers

Educational Co-head: Dominic Ng

Educational Co-head: Marina Boulton

Advocacy Co-head: Jack Jameson

Advocacy Co-head: Ellena Cotton

Publicity rep: Michael Omiwole

Multimedia rep: Mariella Fortune-Ely

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