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Ticket options

Student Ticket: includes all of Saturday and Saturday - inspiring speakers, awesome Engage & Change sessions, Global Health Fair, lunch on both days, tea/coffee and a lovely place to stay. Essentially everything except the social. Bargain. - £30

Host Ticket: Having the conference on our doorstep not only gives us the opportunity to showcase Bristol, but also gives you the opportunity to host super-friendly and like-minded students from all over the UK and show what welcoming people us Bristol lot are! We know that it seems like a big commitment to host others, but literally all we are asking for is a piece of floor for delegates to sleep on (they will all bring their own pillows and sleeping bag) and some running water for a shower in the morning. To incentivise this we are offering hugely discounted tickets - £15 if you are able to take at least 3 delegates.

Day ticket (Saturday or Sunday): If you would like to come to the conference on one day. Remember to specify which day you will be coming for on the questionnaire. £20.

Distance Ticket: Discounted tickets for Medsin members travelling from: Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Belfast. There will be 30 available - £15

Non-student Tickets: £40.

Social ticket: Additional £5 ticket that is not to be missed: dinner, drinks and live music at the Students' Union and an oppurtunity to meet wonderful delegates from all over the country - an essential part of any Medsin conference.

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